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Elevate and simplify your Platform with Kratix

Kratix is an open-source platform framework that combines the flexibility and customisability of building your own platform from scratch with the on-demand and self-service power of public clouds.


Today, delivering your ideal internal platform is challenging and time consuming


Friction between teams slows time to value

Define API contracts that decouple teams and enable both sides to move faster


Sprawling implementations add cost and risk

Orchestrate resource upgrades and maintain resources with confidence


Necessary business processes are unevenly applied

Automate custom policies and apply across the organisation

Kratix is a framework that enables co-creation of capabilities by providing a clear contract between application and platform teams through the definition and creation of “Promises”. Kratix focuses on empowering platform engineers to build better platforms

Two hands shaking infront of a shield with a tick inside

Orchestrate resource upgrades and maintain resources with confidence

A box with hexagons and a cog

Easily and consistently codify requirements across your business

A person

Automates and manages the lifecycle of your platform resources

Diagram of Kratix's architecture. There are platform and application teams on the left-hand side, an architecture of Kratix's Promise catalogue, Workflows and GitOps Scheduler in the middle, and destinations including public cloud and terraform on the right-hand side.
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