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Build a better platform 
with Kratix

Kratix is an open-source platform framework for building composable internal developer platforms (IDPs).


An effective internal platform helps you go faster, be safer, and increase efficiency as you scale.


Developers are blocked, waiting on tickets and other teams.

Provide everything-as-a-service and give self-service access to the resources your teams need.


Tech sprawl leads to technical debt and operational overhead.

Manage resources as a fleet and automate the full lifecycle of your platform resources.


Critical business processes are inconsistently applied.

Incorporate key business processes by consistently codifying them across your business.

Kratix is a framework that enables co-creation of capabilities by providing a clear contract between application and platform teams through the definition and creation of “Promises”. Kratix focuses on empowering platform engineers to build better platforms

Two hands shaking infront of a shield with a tick inside

provide self-service access to the resources you need

A box with hexagons and a cog

consistently codify key processes across your busines

A person

automates the full lifecycle of your platform resources

Kratix Architecture.png
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