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Exploring the Platform Landscape

The team at Syntasso has many years' experience building and running platforms across different organisations. Through this work we have observed four common platform patterns that each offer benefits but also come with drawbacks. We see these platform patterns as part of a journey: an intermediate step between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. 


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Below we explore the pains of each platform pattern and suggest a feasible next step that platform engineers can take to improve. Our hope is to learn more about how teams are delivering platforms today, and provide guidance on how they can take steps on the journey towards a better platform. This is not a comprehensive list, and your platform may have more than one pattern. If you can’t find your platform challenges described here (or if you'd like to give us feedback), let us know using the form below or by scheduling some time to chat. We’d love to hear from you!

What kind of platform do you have?


Your Platform
Ticket driven workflow. App teams submit tickets to the platform team who then manually respond and fulfil the request.

Your Pains

Slow turnaround
Manual toil
Error prone


Your Platform
Platform team offers the Kubernetes API as the platform. App teams use Kubernetes to deploy and manage the software they need.

Your Pains

App teams must learn low-level infrastructure
Ambiguous ownership
Unclear maintainability


Your Platform
Self-service workflow. App teams have access to cloud accounts and are responsible for the creation and operation of services.

Your Pains

App teams need to be cloud experts
Duplication of resources across teams
Not bespoke to organisations


Your Platform
Platform teams provide curated scripts and templates that app teams use to spin up desired resources.

Your Pains

Slow turnaround
Manual toil
Error prone


About Us

This content was created by the team at Syntasso as a way to learn and share what we are learning about how platform engineering teams operate today. See our website to learn more. 

About Kratix

Kratix was created by the team at Syntasso. It is an Apache 2.0-licensed open source framework for building platforms on Kubernetes. Learn more about it at

Automate manual ticket systems

Empower teams by allowing them to self-serve their resources

Build guard-rails into your workflows to enforce governance and security requirements

Create the right abstractions by building compound promises that provide the right granularity of information to each team

Integrate with any portal or tooling your platform and engineering teams use for a seamless migration.

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