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  • What are Promises?
    Promises are a way to provide anything-as-a-service. They are the building blocks that enable teams to design platforms that specifically meet their customer needs. Promises have been designed with some key features in mind. Promises: enable you to build your platform incrementally and in response to the needs of your users. codify the contract between platform teams and application teams to deliver a specific service, e.g. a database, an identity service, a supply chain, or a complete development pipeline of patterns and tools. are easy to build, deploy, and update. are shareable and reusable between platforms, teams, business units, and other organisations. add up to a frictionless experience when platform users want to create services that they need to deliver value. Learn more about Promises in our docs.
  • How much does Kratix cost?
    Our Enterprise offering includes support, additional testing of both Kratix and supported Promises, and additional integrations and plugins. Contact us at to discuss your use case and for pricing options.
  • What are your typical adoption times?
    Kratix can be installed and resources requested in minutes by following our Quick Start docs. We recommend attending one of our Kratix workshops that will explain how to install Kratix, request resources and write promises. We have found that after the workshops, a proof-of-concept project typically takes between 1 week and 1 month depending on the complexity of the promise and environment.
  • Why wouldn't I just use Terraform/Crossplane/Backstage?
    Visit our how kratix compliments page to learn more about how Kratix works with all of these tools, and why Kratix might be the right tool for your Platform.
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